What ExMIN is all about.

Exmuslims of India (ExMin) is a grassroots group for ex-muslims in India. Our goal is to create a safe space for those ex-muslims who feel unwelcome in their own homes and their community at large. Leaving religion can be a traumatic experience - we try and help each other in the recovery process.

Our long term goals are more ambitious- we aim to create resources to help ex-muslims with their recovery, network with other like-minded secular individuals and groups and raise awareness of our existence by starting a dialogue within society

How it all began:

ExMin was an accident. It all started when three exmuslim friends went for a talk given by a person called Harb- the topic of the talk was his apostasy. Harb shared the story of how he lost his faith. His story resonated with the others, for it was an experience they all shared. Realizing they weren’t alone in feeling alone, they decided to form a group to reach out to others like them.

The Ex-Muslims of India was born. Over the next few months, the group made good on their promise. They found and connected with others like them. Meetups were held and what started with a handful of people snowballed into something much bigger. The group went online as well. News of their meetup in Hyderabad received a great deal of attention within the global exmuslim community. The group was soon contacted by several exmuslims across the country as well as the Indian diaspora. The group also connected with other Exmuslim groups such as the EXMNA.

Our story at present:

The Ex-Muslims of India remains an informal fledgling group. While the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the initial momentum of our meetups, our group of volunteers continue with their online activities. We’ve expanded to several social media platforms including Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and more recently Instagram. We invite all our fellow exmuslims reading this to join us on this first chapter of our story.

News and Updates

05 Nov 20

Rishvin Ismath must be protected from Islamist threats to his life

Rishvin Ismath is a former Islamist who co-founded the Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka. He is the first public ex-Muslim in the country, declaring himself an ex-Muslim atheist before a Parliamentary Select Committee in 2019.

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Experiences of some of our members leaving the faith.

Kahina, Female, 23

My story isn't about how or why I left Islam. It's about what happened after I did. I went from being a liberal feminist muslim to an exmuslim in an excruciatingly long process of over a year. One the one side I had my mother who kept going deeper into...Read story

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