Dec 30, 2020
Jul 28, 2022 06:55 PM
Author: zeeking
This incident happened a few days back when one of my Aunts came to our home. Her face was visibly anxious and scared as fuck. Everything about her expression indicated that something sinister has happened. When asked she just said "Some messages have come again". Her statement was vague and ambiguous. Everyone started asking her what message. She again replied "Such messages have come again".
Now what are your thoughts what must have scared her scared so much. And what was in those messages she was scared so much about. Maybe a death threat, maybe a similar thing to that. After a few minutes she showed us the text. And I quote the text was "Hi <her daughter's name>". Her daughter is in Middle School. Now you must be thinking that's all that's what she was scared so much about. Perhaps there should be more to it. But no the text she was talking about was just a "Hi" addressed to her daughter. Now you ask what scared her so much about a visibly innocuous text. The text was from a classmate of her daughter. A male classmate. You might me thinking what must be the problem. The problem was a human of the opposite sex had tried to talk to her daughter. That boy was not even a stranger it was a classmate.
Now since one of my parents work in the field of education. My aunt wanted advice from her about what to do about it. According to my Aunt the mere act of that boy messaging her daughter is an act of crime deserving hell. That Aunt is worried that if her daughter comes in contact with a person of opposite sex, it will bring dishonor to the family. She was telling how her Husband was angry and furious that he had received a text from a boy addressing her daughter who doesn't have a phone of her own. Then she started asking what she should do whether she and her husband should go to the school and thrash the boy or call him and verbally abuse him. Then she asked should she impose complete burkha on her daughter to prevent such things from happening in school. And my mom agreed with her on it.
After my aunt left my mom started a rant of her own saying the aunt's daughter must be a slut because of which boys are interested in talking with her. Then she went on saying how the aunt's daughter must have seduced other boys by being friendly and laughing on her jokes, ultimately blaming the girl that she is a slut and invites boys to tease her and try to text her. She went on saying how rapes and sexual assaults are women's fault and how if the girl is decent boys won't do anything. She has passed this shitty mindset even to her children leading to my female sibling being a patriarch and supporter of women being a object that is to be hidden.
Since the pandemic lead to online classes. Class groups had to be created to communicate with the students. That's how online communication among students was possible. Before this talking to a classmate after school especially if it's a female one is nearly impossible. And neither can someone ask their number to contact them.
This honor culture runs deep in our society. Not just in a particular religious group but the whole society. And religions like Islam make it worse.
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