Feb 9, 2021
Jul 28, 2022 06:56 PM
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/IndianExmuslims/comments/lg5bzm/why_many_of_the_indian_ex_muslims_want_to_leave/
Yeah... You read that right. Many of us Indian Ex Muslims want to leave the country we have called home since our birth. What happened you ask? Well you should be knowing. If you don't then you have equally contributed to our worries, whether to stay here or leave permanently. What!!! you say. I say ignorance. Ignorance, Indifference, Entitlement. You can use any of these words, they are different but the effect of attitudes demonstrated by these words has lead to the same result, not giving a fuck about the country and the government which runs this country. Therefore conferring to the government on it's path to an undoubtedly Authoritarian Future.
Coming to leaving this country, we don't wanna leave this country not at least permanently apprehensive and bullied into oppression by the Radical Extremist Organisations. Since 2015 there have been 115 victims of Mob Lynchings, almost all of them pertaining to the Minorities of India. The perpertrators identifying themselves as the preservers of the Ancient Hindu Traditions of India. These Vigilantes have engraved fear and scarred the families of their victims. Bucked up by the support and safety they have from the ruling party they have become a religious mafia of this country. I call them mafia because they are as organised as the mafia in their actions differing only in their actions.
Like it or not we Atheists are not recognized by the Government of India as a legitimate non religious group. We are bound to the religion we are born in and our lives are bound to this dogma no matter how much we try to differentiate from that. Our lives are defined by the religion of the names we are given and the rules the society thinks we should follow as a member of that religion.
What makes the dilemma of Indian Ex Muslims unequalled by any other religious or non religious group is that we are hated unconditionally on both sides. On one hand we are hated by the community we are born in for our choices and our beliefs and on the other hand we are hated by the radical hindus because of the community we are born in. We lack the privilege unlike Atheists from Hinduism who can stay as quiet Atheists and no harm would come their way. We don't have that. Declaring ourselves as staunch Atheists would lead us to risk from the community we are born in and staying quiet atheists would mean being oppressed by the Radical Hindutvadis whose hate and bigotry knows no ends.
What do I have to do you ask? Yeah, you have to do what you just did. Ask, Ask questions. Question the Authority for their actions. They are accountable to us, the Citizens of this Beloved Nation of diversity. We are a democracy, we have obligations to perform.
Vote, Make Yourself Aware, Ask Questions. Participate in the Democratic Process just as the Founding Fathers of this nation have intended you to.
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