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Village heads in Murshidabad(West Bengal) district issue fatwa banning music, lottery, watching TV

The fatwa, under the banner of a social reforms committee, also prescribed monetary penalty ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 7,000 and sit-up by holding ears if anyone is found violating the dictate....

August 26, 2020Read this article

Apostasy Day

In the face of intolerance and violence against exmuslims globally. In the month when thousands of people were killed in the name of apostasy and blasphemy by Iran government....

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Bangladeshi blogger faces death threats for criticizing Islamic fundamentalism

Rights groups are urging Bangladeshi authorities to withdraw all charges against blogger Asad Noor, restore his passport and end harassment of his family members. Noor fled to India after multiple threats to his life....

August 21, 2020Read this article