SR, Male, 25

So my story of becoming Allah-less is less tragic and more of an eye opener and shot at redemption for me. My family and I weren’t very religious initially. My observance of faith happened only on Fridays for jumma. But Islam took a hold of my mother when...

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Biuqa, Male, 20

For me, Islam was everything. It was like guide or rule book which I refered to whenever I felt stuck with something in my life. So when I doubted that I had homoerotic feelings, I tried to bury them. I tried to forget that side of me- the fleeting momen...

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Kahina, Female. 23

My story isn't about how or why I left Islam. It's about what happened after I did. I went from being a liberal feminist muslim to an exmuslim in an excruciatingly long process of over a year. One the one side I had my mother who kept going deeper into...

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